SECO Eclipse Nodal Point Prism Assembly

SECO Eclipse Nodal Point Prism Assembly


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SECO Eclipse Nodal Point Prism Assembly
  • The Eclipse™ prism assembly features a 62-mm hermetically sealed, water-resistant, nitrogen-filled prism canister.
  • The prism can be set at a -40 mm true nodal point constant which offers optimal angle measurements, even when tilting the prism in either the horizontal or vertical axis.
  • Unlike most tilting prisms, the optical center of the prism stays on point.
  • The tilting prism holder, canister and target are constructed of DuPont Zytel.
  • It includes a reversible, two-color target (black & white / black & yellow) and a peep sight collimator.
  • A -30 mm adapter is included. (Can purchase 6410-018; Zero offset adapter separately)
  • Height from base of prism to center of glass: 0.38 ft (115 mm).
  • Weighs 1.15 lb (0.52 kg)
Option Details: 
  • 6400-00 - 62mm Eclipse Prism Assembly
  • 6410-018 - 0 Offset Adapter for Eclipse Prism Assembly - Discontinued

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