HexArmor GGT5 Arctic Gator 4031, Cut A8 Palm + IR-X® Impact

HexArmor GGT5 Arctic Gator 4031, Cut A8 Palm + IR-X® Impact

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HexArmor GGT5 Arctic Gator 4031, Cut A8 Palm + IR-X® Impact
  • The synthesis of the most advanced HexArmor® technologies shouldn’t only be available at room temperature.
  • That’s why HexArmor took the industry’s highest level of cut protection and impact resistance, combined them, and then added layers of Hipora® and C40 Thinsulate™.
  • Now your gloves can combat challenging conditions while your hands stay safe.
  • The GGT Arctic Gator™ 4031 gives you ISEA Level A8 cut protection on the palm and fingers, with an additional reinforcing layer of TP-X™ technology for high grip and durability.
  • The Hi-Vis back-of-hand supports our IR-X™ impact-resistant exoskeleton, so your entire hand is guarded from smash injuries down to each knuckle.
  • All of this was achieved while maintaining the highest movement allowance, so your dexterity is preserved, and you can face the cold with confidence.
  • Product is Discontinued, limited stock available, Quantity available is marked

  • Dynamic combination of HX2® and C40 Thinsulate™ interior liners provide waterproof and cold-resistance.
  • SuperFabric® brand material palm provides ISEA Level A8 cut resistance and maintains the highest level of protection available in the industry. 
  • Durable TP-X™ palm reinforcement utilizes the highest-level abrasion resistance while maintaining oil-resistant grip. 
  • Full impact-resistant exoskeleton with high-performance IR-X™ smash guards provides greater impact protection than the leading competitor.
  • Exterior seams implement a double stitched core-spun thread, adding further durability and longevity.
  • Breathable SlipFit® cuff adds comfort and convenience.
  • Hi-Vis color scheme increases visual awareness. 
  • Machine Washable
  • This is Version 5 of the 4031 Glove
  • CE Cut Score: 4543
  • ANSI/ISEA Cut: Level 5 / A8
  • Gram Score: 5111
  • Sizes Available: 7/S, 8/M, 9/L, 10/XL, 11/XXL, 12/3XL 
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