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All-Terrain Rover Rod "Big Wheel"

All-Terrain Rover Rod

All-Terrain Rover Rod

All-Terrain Rover Rod

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All-Terrain Rover Rod "Big Wheel"
Price: $170.99


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Authorized Dealer


More Information:

SECO All-Terrain Rover Rod "Big Wheel

  • Ideal for RTK continuous profiling, this accessory keeps the rover rod on the surface you are measuring.
  • The #5125-056 is great for when you need good elevations on jobs including topos, ag fields, volume surveys, site prep, and GIS.
  • Let the Big Wheel carry the weight of all your GPS equipment.
  • The handle allows you to track a straight line, turn sharp corners, and get over obstacles.
  • It has a 20-inch diameter, non-pneumatic, microcellular urethane wheel for a smooth, maintenance-free, ride.
  • The wheel and section are the exact length of the bottom section of any of SECO’s popular 2-meter, two-piece, rover rods.
  • Use yours or order the top section only separately.
  • Use a standard SECO Bipod when you need to ‘park it’ or plumb up for a more accurate Shot. 
  • *Bipod and Top Portion of the Rover Rod sold separately.
  • Weighs 3.8 lb (1.72 kg)

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